About Us

DNT Group is a hotel management company staffed with professional and highly qualified unites, which are focused on managing both – small and medium-sized hotels furthermore extensive projects.

Our authorities, who will provide you with consultation, are current hotel owners and investors, have comprehensive knowledge of the field.

By collaborating with us, we guarantee the appropriate use of the hotel resources and a crucial increase in profits.

However, your project is in infancy and requires a certain inspiration, directions or leadership, convenient planning and development, by cooperating with us is possible to achieve perfection.

We offer an immense quality of service, the exact positioning of local hotels in the Tourism Market and the submission of their advantages and disadvantages, what directly affects the hotel business in rating terms, on the numbers of sales and financial benefits.



Our aim is for each project to be absolutely enforced and maximally rated in trade system.

The main duty of the DNT Group is to be agreed the expectations of the hotel founders, with financial profits, which we successfully implement within our projects.



DNT Group’s mission is to evolve the hotel business, right positioning in the market and build up sale filed. We are always looking for new and creative ways for growing, developing and improving. We truly believed that the changes could lead us to success.


Our Team

"DNT Group" is made up of people with diverse backgrounds - from real estate, hospitality, design and technology.

Davit Meskhi

6 years experience in managing independent hotels

Nino Lomidze

9 years experience in managing independent hotels

Tata Gotvadze

6 years experience in managing independent hotels

Lika Gasviani

2 years experience in hotel front desk

Avto Lomidze

3 year experience as a hotel Manager

Mary Vartanyan

5 years experience in hotel operations

Nino Danelia

7 years experience in hotel sales

Our Advisors

To strengthen our team, "DNT Group" has gathered prominent stars in the field as advisors to help maximize project effectiveness as needed.

David Chavchanidze

Rooms operations manager at Tbilisi Mariott

Shalva Alaverdashvili

10+ experience in Hotel Management

Vika Sharia


Ketevan Amirbari

General Manager at "Sevsamora Resort & Spa"

Eka Chachibaia

Revenue Manager at Adjara Group